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It is invested by NBB and CII. It is located in Phan Rang City, Thap Cham, Ninh Thuan Province. Total investment is 548.05bn VND and BOT has 20% contribution, which is 109.61bn VND. NBB financed 10% of total BOT capital, equivalent to 10.96bn VND. The expected completion time will be in 2011. The project's pay-back period is 15 years and 7 months. Until 31 December 2010, the project's construction has finished 75% and all legal documents has already been approved; the project is estimated to complete in September 2011


- Street Level:
Main street and the TCXDVN 104-2007
- Total length of routes:
8.393 km
- Road base width:
- Design speed:
70 km/h
- Bridge design eternal concrete and steel of the force.
  + Store:
  + Crosswise:
29.5m and 27.5m
  + Associated with the bond yield:
D=1m, L=16-38m
  + Others for apartments
  + Links for Super rhythm I concrete.
- The rate of investment:
  + NBB:
  + CII:
- Total investment:
548.05bn VND

- On 08/12/2008 signed BOT contract with the Department of Vietnam Road (the number 52/HD.BOT-CDBVN).
- In implementation of compensation, site clearance and improved profile design of construction drawings.
- Duration of the project: started on 14/4/2009 and is expected to complete 3 years in 2011.


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