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NBB is the main investor. It is located in Hoa My Village, Tay Hoa District, Phu Yen Province. The project scale includes 9MW of machine installation capacity and the average power quantity at 32x106Kwh/year. Total estimated investment is 238bn VND in which NBB finances 100% capital. The estimated completion time will be in 2010, the business operation duration is 30 years, starting from 2011. Payback period will last in 13 years. Until 31 December 2010, the project has got the approval document to buy electricity; the current workload is 25% of the project's construction; this project is estimated to be finished in the second quarter of 2010 and begin exploitation.


- The project scale includes 9MW of machine installation capactity and the average annual power quantity at 32.48 million kwh. 



-- Clue line:
+ Main dam: Dam structure in concrete, +172.8 metres in crest height;  3 metres in crest width; 10.7 metres in crest length; the largest dam height is 14.3 metres; upstream slope = 0; downstream slope = 0,8.

+ Spillway: Uncontrolled spillway type, 50 metres in crest width, +166 metres in crest heitght, flood discharge capacity 1633m3 / s.

+ Spillway sand: elevation threshold is +154.5 m, the size is 3x3m, 32 metres in length, slope is 5%.

-- Power line:
+ Offtake within Dam: offtake length is 10 metres, size is 2,2 m x 2,6 m.

+ Hydropower canal: 2,989.26 metres in length; the size of canal is 2,2 m x 2,5 m, slope of canal i = 0.001, elevation of the bottom beginning canal is +159.6 metres, elevation of the bottom ending canal +156.51 metres.

+ Penstock: 450 metres in length
+ Hydroelectric Plant: gross area = 37.47m x 22.9m, turbines with generating capacity of 2 x 4.5 MW, includes 2 areas: main area and control area.
+ Water discharge canal: The canal connects to 02 outlets of hydropower plant to discharge into the spring, length 40 metres, width 3 metres, bottom canal slope is 0.006

+ Electrical substation: +17,5 metres in transformer height, size of OPY 14,8 x16m.

-- Electric transmission line:
+ Voltage class: 22KV is transferred from generating power plants to the national grid.

+ Length: 16 Km

-- Total investment capital: more than 238 bn VND


- The project was propose by People’s Committee of Phu Yen Province and construction of this project began in 2007.
- On 31st December 2007, all roads of project were constructed including the road from project’s beginning to connect commune and main dam. The length of road is 6.5km, namely: the beginning of the project in connection with the communal mill is 1.3 km, the road from plant to pressure tank is 2km and 3.2 km in length from pressure tank to main dam.
- The auxiliary construction works simultaneously carried out and completed including power line construction of 2.2 km long and the site operator, building materials processing, mechanical processing and the houses and office for engineers.
- Currently items roads are rushing to implement: The road section 1 from the commune to the plant, the road section 2 from the plant to pressure tank, the section 3 from pressure tank to the main dam and channel, estimated completion of 80%.
- The power purchase agreement was signed with PC3 on 11st December 2008.
- The current workload is 30% of the project’s construction value. It is expected to be completed the road construction section 1, 2 and 3 in early 2014.
- Continue to simultaneously accelerate the implementation of the project items such as: the main dam, pressure tank, pressure water pipelines, cluster plants and transmission lines 220KW connection factory with the national electricity system.

- The project is expected to be completed in end of 2016, generating electricity for the national grid.


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