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It is investment by Quang Ngai Mineral Investment JSC - a member of NBB. The location of plant is in Tra Binh Village, Tra Bong Ward, Quang Ngai Provinces. The main product is mineral water which used in health treatment and bottling. The project area is 1,553km2. NBB finances 89.1%. The project already obtained the exploration license from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; the company is implementing the exploration process.    



- Gross area:

1.55 km2

- Exploitation capactity:

21,000,000 litre per annum

- Exploitation time:


- Total investment capital:

50bn VND

- The exploration license was gained under Decision No. 937/GP-BTNMT dated 2nd May 2008 by Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment.
- The project was approved investment on 10th May 2013 by People’s committee of Quang Ngai Province.

- The project has completed basic design and has submitted document to get the approval of mining license. Expectedly, Project will complete in Q2 2015.


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