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It is invested by Quang Ngai Mineral Investment JSC - a member of NBB. It is located in Tinh An Dong Village, Son Tinh District, Quang Ngai Province, including Cam Trong mountain, Go Ra mountain, Sung Trau mountain, Tron mountain, Xom mountain. Total exploitable area is 15.2ha. The estimated water reserve is 2,000,000m3. NBB finances 90% capital. The project has already completed exploiting in Cam Trong mountain, Go Ra mountain and is exploiting in Sung Trau mountain, Tron mountain.



- Gross area:

152,460 m2

+ Cam Trong mountain:

29,872 m2

+ Go Ra mountain:

20,444 m2

+ Sung Trau mountain:

59,665 m2

+ Tron mountain:

12,000 m2

+ Nui Xom mountain:

30,479 m2

- Exploitation capactity:

200,000 m3/year

- Exploitation time:

2009 -2013

- Total investment capital:

6.803 bn VND

- The Mining license was issued under Decision No. 1662/QD-UBND dated 26th March 2009, Decision No. 1064/QD-UBND dated 6th August 2010 by People’s Committee of Quang Ngai Province.
- The mining was exploiting since 2009


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