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Titanium Deep-Processing Plant
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It is invested by Quang Ngai Mineral Investment JSC - a member of NBB. The location of this plant is in Tinh Phong Village, Quang Ngai Province. The mine is located in Duc Thang, Duc Chanh, Duc Minh and Duc Phong, Mo Duc Ward, Quang Ngai Province. The project area is 964.10 ha. The expected completion time will be 27 years. Exploition capacity is 12,000m3/year titanium slag and 7,000 tons/year cast iron, 5,000 tons/year for solders. NBB finances 90%. This project already got the investment license, mineral exploration license from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and completed the exploition process. The company is synthesizing all related documentation for approval.