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De Lagi High-class Resort And Urban Area - Binh Thuan Province
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De Lagi High-class Resort and Urban Area - Binh Thuan Province by NBB Investment Corporation as main investor. Project is located on Tan Phuoc Ward, Lagi Commune, Binh Thuan Province, 68km from Phan Thiet City. Boundary of Project has covered as follows:

  • The East: A route cut Le Minh Cong street heading to the sea, Tan Thien industrial Park and land for production.
  • Th West: Đong Ro amusement park (recovered) and land for production.
  • The South: The sea.
  • The North: Tan Thien Industrial Park, Nation Route 55 and Trieu Cuong Residential area. 
Project's scale is about 124,7ha, including extension area is about 13ha in order to open Project entrance and invest infrastructure, the Southside of Project is 3,2km of coastline. The project's geographic lacation is very convenient, connected and extended for exchanging economic development in the South East area, key economic in the South and other economic areas in the future. Moreover, Project will be become a architectural area with high-class Resort, including functional area such as entertainment, rrestaurant, golf, luxury villas and urban area to provide supply of resettlement, accommodation for Project's members with synchronous infrastructure.